Website and Graphic Design

Complete illustrated children’s book. Available at

T shirt available at

Band logo for a gypsy jazz trio. Based on vintage stickers found in gypsy jazz guitars.

Graphics for proposed children’s books. (Rendered with Blender 3D)

Logo design for a new preschool co-op. The client loved the cute, expressive nature of wonder that captured their proposed goals for their preschool.

3D fan art

“Not only do I love it and definitely appreciate your edits but the fundraising committee was THRILLED with it. The Pres. Of the group has to give her OK but I’m ready to APPROVE.
I can’t thank you enough for your input and design and speed.
Please know I am eternally grateful.” Nina Verin – design client

3D rendering with text for ebook cover layout

Infographics made for Medicare reporting requirements.

Infographics made for Medicare reporting requirements.

3D landscape with photomanipulation

2D graphics created in GIMP

3D elements with text and graphic layout

Vector and raster based graphic

Infographics made for Medicare reporting requirements.

Website slider created for healthcare business

Custom, responsive WordPress website layout. All custom graphics and 3D product models.


Website layouts, custom graphics, ad copy and more!